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1950s-1990s Class B fuel tanker from Revolution

Revolution Trains is proposing the Class B 35t fuel tanker as its next wagon model.

These were designed in the mid 1950s in response to a huge increase in petroleum traffic and hundreds were built, with examples remaining in use through to the 1990s.

They operated in long block trains and also as smaller cuts in mixed freight trains, and were hauled by anything from 9Fs, 8Fs or Black 5s to pairs of BRCW Type 3s, Sulzer Type 4s or EE Type 3s.

The model will feature NEM couplers in kinematic close-coupling mounts, numerous separately fitted detail parts and photo-etched catwalks.  The distinctive owners’ plates fitted to the barrels will be in fine metal, to create an accurate depth.

We are also offering versions with both the original suspension and the 1960s upgraded type:

Esso black with original suspension:

35T v1 Esso

Mobil Charrington red with original suspension:

35T v2 Mobil

Unbranded black with original suspension:

35T v3 black

Regent black with revised suspension:

35T v5 Regent

Texaco black with revised suspension:

35T v4 Texaco

United Molasses brown with revised suspension:

35T v6 UM

Our model is being designed by former Graham Farish/Bachmann engineer Colin Allbright, who has considerable experience in model production and also created the Ultima range.

Until now we have focused on modern era enthusiasts, however we are hoping that a modellers of the transition era will find this crowd-funding proposal attractive and if we receive sufficient support we will go ahead with the models.

If the Class B is successful we also have plans for the similar Class A tanker, which had the same tonnage but a longer barrel as it was designed for lighter benzene fuels and were predominantly coloured grey.

This model has come about as the direct result of a campaign by modellers on the N Gauge Forum and we are keen to show that our crowd-funding methodology can allow anyone to create the model of their choice, provided there is enough support,

As ever, only models ordered by the deadline will be produced.  We will send out email reminders before the order book closes so please register on our website, without obligation, to avoid missing out.