40′ high cube container

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The 40′ high cube container is one of the most common containers in the world.  Standard ISO sea containers have revolutionised global shipping over the last five decades and are now responsible for shipping 90% of the world’s non-bulk goods.

Taller 40′ high-cubes are now the most numerous and the “stepping” in height between standard (8′ 6″) and hi-cube (9′ 6″) containers is a familiar sight on intermodal trains.

Our 1:148 scale model will be optimised to fit our forthcoming KFA flat, however it will also be suitable for use on intermodal wagons from Dapol and Graham Farish. Initially we are offering six of the most common liveries.

The models will be produced by C-Rail Intermodal.

They are Maersk, MSC, Hamburg Sud, Evergreen, Hanjin and UASC.

40' Maersk40' MSC

40' Hamburg Sud 40' Evergreen

40' Hanjin40' UASC

These models are available to order immediately, with delivery expected early 2017.

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