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4mm TEA – first mouldings

Rapido have sent an image of the first hand-assembled test model of the forthcoming 4mm/OO gauge TEA tanker.



The model has accommodation wheelsets and the catwalk has been hand-fettled; on the production models it will be as straight as on the production N-gauge models.

Nonetheless this sample gives a good indication of the progress being made.   This model represents the EWS/Freightliner variant with the bifurcated discharge chutes and revised brake gear.  Other details worth noting are the brake changeover sensor on the bogie at the ladder end, the split tied down fillets and that this model will feature both plain and anti-climb guard fitted ladders.

We would like to thank all those who have supported this project so far; this model can still be purchased but once development has concluded we will close the order book and move to production.