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4mm TEA first shots

First test shots for the main components of the forthcoming TEA tanker in 4mm have been received by Rapido.

OO VTG TEA sample 02

The ends, main barrel and buffer-beam fairings are among the components sent for checking, though numerous parts including the parts such as the ladders, hatches, brake details, bogies and buffers are still to be received.  As well as many separate plastic parts the model will feature fine wire brake piping and etched catwalks.

OO VTG TEA sample 04

Despite the many missing parts, these mouldings offer us a good indication of the progress being made, and of course can immediately be checked for tooling blemishes, size and fit.

These models – in seven different liveries and several different numbers – can still be ordered at the EarlyBird rate, though prices go up at the end of June.