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4mm TEA takes shape….

Following an overwhelmingly positive response to our questionnaire we have started the CAD drawings for our TEA tanker in 4mm scale.

As with the N gauge model there will be 5 variants, each with subtle detail differences.  Due to the larger size some of the inevitable tooling limitations of N are avoided, making for an even finer and more accurate model.

As before we will be producing these models in association with VTG, DB Cargo and Greenergy.

We will be opening the order book shortly.  The models can only be obtained via our website and we will be producing only enough to fulfil orders received by our production deadline.  There will be an early-bird discount for a limited time period.  The standard price is likely to be around £40.

Type 1a – VTG grey and red liveries:

ASSEM_VTG TEA Type 1a - 1

The catwalk will be photo-etched and the manlids are separate fittings.

ASSEM_VTG TEA Type 1a - 2

The images below (with black outlines removed for clarity) show the different arrangement of the manlids and vents between prototype batches that will be replicated on the model:

ASSEM_VTG TEA Type 1a - 3

ASSEM_VTG TEA Type 1b - 2

Brake gear will feature separate mouldings and wire pipe runs, and again differs prototypically between batches.

ASSEM_VTG TEA Type 1b - 3

The bogies have been designed to allow for straightforward conversion to 18.83mm gauge wheelsets, and the couplers are in NEM mountings to allow for simple conversion to Kadee should the modeller require.

ASSEM_VTG TEA Type 1b - 4

The EWS/Freightliner versions have the correct bifurcated discharge chutes and longer air tank frames.

ASSEM_VTG TEA Type 2 - 1

In OO the twin lashing fillets can be correctly depicted.  This was not possible on our smaller N Gauge model.

ASSEM_VTG TEA Type 2 - 2

The liveries cover all the main flows for these wagons and are as the N Gauge versions.

There will be VTG red, grey and blue, along with the newer VTG blue with environmental messages, VTG/Greenergy green/white and blue/white, EWS grey and Freightliner green.