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A box of TEA…

Rapido have sent through images of the packaging that will be used for the single and triple set TEA tanker wagons.

Each wagon will be in its own clear plastic (not card) box for protection. (Ignore the white label on the wagon, this is just a factory  sticker as the model is a sample.)


The observant may have spotted that we’ll have our own “Revolution” branded lid….


The triple packs will feature three individual boxes packed together in a dedicated sheath.  The example below is for the VTG grey models; the other types follow the same house style but with different artwork.image

The reverse side has information about the prototype, a photograph  and carries Rapido branding as well as our own.


Progress on the models themselves has taken longer than expected due to the many markings and safety warnings carried on the prototype.

Some can be tampo printed in a single pass, others require multiple passes.  And the curved body of the wagon means that, to avoid distortion, the lettering on the side cannot be applied in the same pass as that on the lower body even if it is the same colour.

We understand that you, our customers, are as keen to get the models as we are and once we know they are ready for shipping we will have a better idea of when they are likely to be here and ready for delivery.