About us

Revolution Trains is a small UK-based model train company set up in late 2014 by two enthusiasts in their spare time:

Ben Ando

Ben Ando will be a familiar name to N Gauge modellers as a Vice President of the N Gauge Society and regular contributor to Model Rail magazine. He’s originated, designed and managed the delivery of numerous kits and RTR models for the NGS, and this has given him useful experience checking CAD drawings and dealing with manufacturers.

He wanted at least one Pendolino to run on his club’s former exhibition layout Horseley Fields. Ben was a news correspondent on BBC TV and Radio, and his first book “Beyond the Call of Duty”, a collection of police bravery stories, was published in 2013.

Mike Hale

Mike Hale is the former Product Development Officer for the N Gauge Society working with Ben and others on developing the NGS’s kit and RTR range and a former Treasurer of DEMU. He also designs his own models for 3D printing.

Mike harbours ambitions of building a grand layout based somewhere on the WCML.

Mike was an environmental scientist working for a small consultancy in Westminster though can often be found in Brussels.