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Absolutely PFA-bulous deliveries…

Following the recent arrival of our PFAs, all balance invoices have been generated – if you were expecting a balance invoice but haven’t received it by email then please check your account on our website. If you can’t see a balance invoice (and you paid a deposit rather than in full) then please get in contact with us through the contact form on our website. If you pay your balance by Wednesday 13 September then your order will go out in the first batch of deliveries!

PFAs in N

If you need to change your delivery address please update the shipping address in your account but also please send us an email if you changed it since 11 September (otherwise your order might not get updated in time). Thanks!

If you missed out on our pre-orders some of our retailers still have models available to order (they should receive their allocations early next week).

Please note when you pay a balance invoice the website automatically updates the deposit part of your order to “Complete” and sends you an email saying your order has been despatched – this is an automatic software bug that we can’t change. Your order is actually despatched when we mark the balance part of the order as “Complete” ie despatched.