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All iN for Alcan PCA tanks in N?

Revolution Trains has just released OO/4mm versions of the attractive Alcan PCA tanks and we invite expressions of interest in production of these tanks in N/2mm.  

Revolution Trains 00 gauge Alcan tanks in original Alcan, Rio Tinto Alcan and Alvance liveries.

We anticipate that the tanks would be produced in quad packs and be priced at a similar level to the OO tanks ie £149.95 per 4 wagons. We’d aim to offer the same liveries as 00 – original Alcan, Alcan debranded, Rio Tinto, Lochaber Liberty and Alvance – subject to sufficient demand.

These wagons have been used since their introduction in 1987-8 to transport alumina from the bulk sea terminal at Blyth to the UK’s only remainng aluminium smelter at Lochaber, near Fort William in Scotland.

When introduce they operated in shortish rakes of around 12 wagons. These were often marshalled into Speedlink or Enterprise services, and in the hands predominantly of class 37s, though class 26, 56 and 60 locos were also used. Following privatisation, the contract was won by EWS (now DB) and 66s began to be used.

Since 2010 the contract has been in the hands of GBRf and, while 66s continue to dominate, occasional traction shortages have seen 37s, 57s and even a class 55 Deltic step in.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of Alcan PCA tanks in N please complete the expression of interest form (it isn’t a commitment to purchase but please be realistic!).  The deadline for expressions of interest is 30 April 2024.