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Anyone for 321? (Or 320…)

Revolution Trains has unveiled teaser samples of two versions of its forthcoming 320 and 321 units in N.

Although London Midland, Network Southeast and Scotrail Saltire versions are confirmed for production, other potential liveries from the long lives of these units have still not reached the minimum orders needed to go ahead.

Strathclyde PTE orange. It was known as red.
Silverlink 321. Not silver!

The two closest to production are the Class 320 in original Strathclyde PTE livery, and the 321 in Silverlink colours. So we have had bodyshells factory-decorated in a last ditch effort to generate the additional sales needed to get them over the line.

Only the DTSO in each version was done, and the shells have been mounted on unpainted EP1 sample chassis, so the air tanks, front air dams and yellow panels/light covers (which are separate parts) are unpainted. Plus the production models will have window frames picked out in pale aluminium.

Even so, we think they look pretty good!

The Strathclyde livery lasted from the introduction of the 320s in 1990 until the early 2000s when it was superseded by the carmine and cream livery, while the Silverlink 321s saw service on Suburban services from Euston to Birmingham, Bletchley and Northampton, making them ideal to run alongside our Virgin Pendolinos. After transfer to FCC some remained in the livery on Kings Cross commuter services to Cambridge, Peterborough and Ely.

Unfortunately we have had to take the decision to cancel the First Capital Connect version – we will contact all customers who placed an order for an FCC 321 to ask if they would like an alternative livery or a refund.

However, the popularity of the Scotrail Saltire livery means we can add an additional number to this version – 320318 is also available to order alongside 320315 (any one who has ordered more than one Saltire 320 will be asked if they would like to switch one of the units – no need to do anything at the moment).

You can get behind these models – or order any of the other versions – here.