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Cargowaggon CADs

Revolution Trains has received the first CAD files for the forthcoming Cargowaggon Twin vans.

These are first drafts and some details remain to be added.

Some corrections are required too.  The CADs show parking brake wheels on both cars, when in fact they are on one only.  Also there are some details still to be added such as the document clip, a horizontal handrail on the end, some rivet detail and the circular holes in the angled end uprights.

Since the vehicles are permanently coupled the inter car connector is a solid bar.

With the chassis removed the body mounted NEM coupler can be seen, while with the body off it can be seen that each vehicle will have a chunky steel weight to take it to NMRA standards, as also specified for our TEA tankers.

Once these alterations have been made we will post revised CAD images.  So far the take up on these models has been excellent and we are hoping to be able to commence tooling reasonably soon, with samples potentially here by the Warley National Model Railway Exhibtion at the NEC in November which we will be attending.

We have had numerous emails asking us about whether we would offer these wagons in 00 and this is being given consideration.