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Cargowaggons in colour!

Revolution Trains has received painted samples of two versions of our forthcoming IZA Cargowaggon twins in N.

These are original and revised Cargowaggon:


The ends include separately fitted locking bars and strengthening ribs, to allow daylight to show through the distinctive holes in the A-frame, along with fine wire handrails and photo-etched corner footsteps.

These samples also have a tail lamp fitted, though it should be white, not black:

Now we are comparing them to our livery diagrams and photographs to spot any discrepancies or errors before approving them for production.


They will also be test-run to ensure the coupler mechanisms work as they should and that performance is acceptable.

Please note that the wheels are the correct size and profile but will be chemically blackened on the production models.


Although there are a couple of very small niggles (such as the black tail lamp) we anticipate that these models will be ready for production once Chinese New Year is over, and we anticipate closing the order book within the next 2 months.

If you are interested in these fine models please order soon so as not to miss the order deadline.