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Caroline – a painted lady…

Revolution Trains has received decorated samples of two versions of the SR General Manager’s saloon 975025 “Caroline” in 00.

Caroline in original blue grey with indicator box and jumpers, and in present day Network Rail green.

The models are currently being assessed and feedback will be sent to the factory in due course, ahead of the models going into production next year.

Caroline in present day livery with revised lights. Nameplates will be added for production.
Network Rail version with newly fitted toilet retention tank visible in the centre at the far end

Among the corrections to be made before production begins are frosting the glass in the toilet compartment window and specifying that the underframe on the blue-grey version is dark brown, not black.

Caroline can still be ordered at the pre-production price of £149.

The N Gauge version is in tooling and all versions can be reserved at the pre-production price of £130.

975025 in original BR form with SR jumper cables and indicator blind
Network Southeast era 975025 with high-intensity headlight added
Present day Caroline with nameplate, jumpers removed and revised light clusters