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Caroline looking sweet…

Revolution Trains has received EP1 samples of its forthcoming 00 gauge/4mm scale model of the SR General Manager’s saloon 975025 ‘Caroline.’

These samples are being checked for fit and details. Once they are approved some further engraving will be done – such as adding rivets – then decorated samples will be prepared.

SR saloon as originally converted with SR 27-way jumper cables.
975025 Caroline as presently configured with new light clusters and plated headcode box
Image showing the contrast between the different ends. This required two different bodyshells to be tooled.
Underfloor view of present day Caroline with centre toilet retention tank at near end, and next to it the switches for controlling the headlights, tail lights and interior lights.
Interior showing original configuration
Present-day Caroline has seats matching those currently in use

A short history of Caroline

In 1969 the Southern Region of BR converted a former Hastings buffet car into a saloon that could be used both by the General Manager for entertaining VIPs, to allow the CE head to inspect infrastructure and for running at linespeed over recently maintained track to uncover dynamic issues resulting from work carried out during engineering possessions.

TBD975025 shortly after conversion at Stewart’s Lane. Photo courtesy Ian Buck.

Among its more mundane use, the Saloon enjoyed a certain cachet after being used by both the Prince and Princess of Wales following their marriage in 1981, and by Pope John Paul II on his visit to the UK the following year.

In 1991 it received Network South East livery, then in 2003 it was refurbished by SERCO – losing its headcode blind and gaining new light clusters – before passing to Network Rail. Caroline is now in a dark Brunswick Green livery and was recently fitted with a specially designed toilet retention tank, ensuring compliance with current regulations. Network Rail has told Revolution Trains that Caroline’s unique ablility to enable to allow a locomotive to be driven from its front consoles, while also providing accommodation and catering facilities, mean there are no plans for withdrawal.

Revolution is offering Caroline as originally converted, in Network Southeast livery and in present day Network Rail guise.

It is anticipated that decorated samples will be received later this summer, before production in late summer/autumn.