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Cartic-4mm (OO) order book opens!

It has been a while since we announced the OO/4mm version of our forthcoming Cartic-4 models – apologies for the delay, this has largely been due to some refinements to the CAD that took longer than we anticipated (unfortunately it isn’t as simple as pressing a button to go from one scale to another!).

We’re pleased to announce that the OO Cartic-4 CAD is complete and the model is now in tooling – as a result our order book is now open.

As a reminder, we’re offering the iconic Cartic-4 articulated car carrier in OO-gauge/4mm scale in the following versions (with 2 set numbers for each version – just select set A or B). The models will be offered in original form with top rails in Motorail, MAT and Silcock & Collings liveries.

In MAT and STVA liveries with mesh side screens.

And in the distinctive Silcock & Collings/Silcock Express versions with side screens and side screens with roofs.

All versions are now available to pre-order at the early bird price of £109.95 per quad set. The early bird discount will be available until 13 June 2023 after which the standard pre-order price will be £124.95. We expect the models to arrive in Q4 2023 – Q1 2024.

You can pre-order all versions from our shop by clicking on the button below.