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September 30th – N gauge deadline day!

It’s another Revolution Trains deadline day – this time for a slew of upcoming N gauge models: the class 313 and 314 Electric Multiple Units, BR Borail, BR YLA Mullet, YQA Parr and YQA Super Tench plus FNA-D modern nuclear flask carrier.

Once the order books close these models will go into production. They will become available in due course from retailers but at a price that includes their margin.

If you are ordering more than one product type please make separate orders as the models are likely to arrive at different times and we can more easily ensure you get the models you want as soon as we have them if they are ordered separately.

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Revolution and Rails 313 exclusives

Rails of Sheffield have teamed up with Revolution Trains to offer three exciting exclusive models for N gauge enthusiasts, based on the forthcoming Class 313 units.

The models are Network Rail’s 313121 test train in yellow livery, Southern’s 313201 in revised BR Blue and a twin-pack containing the Arlington Fleet Services T7 vehicles used as translators for multiple unit moves.

313121 was converted in 2013 at Wembley to enable engineers to test the new European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) and painted into a yellow livery. 

The former commuter unit was chosen for this role as it can operate on either overhead and third rail power and has can be used on restricted gauge routes.

313121 at Camden Town. Photo Roger Marks under Creative Commons.

In 2017 Class 313 pioneer 313201 (former 313001) was repainted by Beacon Rail and Govia into BR Blue (with with grey doors to conform to modern accessibility regulations) to mark more than four decades of service given by the class. 

313201 also took part in the recent ‘Class 313 Farewell’ railtour from Brighton to Portsmouth and Hastings recently.

In 2014 two outer driving cars from unit 508207 were converted at Arlington in Eastleigh into translator units coded T7 to enable locomotives with standard hook and shackle couplers to move multiple units fitted with tightlock couplers.

The two vehicles, 64664 and 64707, were painted bright mint green and named Liwet and Labezerin in 2016.  Often seen travelling to and from deliveries behind a GBRf Class 66, the pair offer a complete train in a single box.

Our models feature a working tightlock couplers at the cab ends and standard N gauge couplers, with working directional red tail lights, at the non-cab ends. The models are expected to ship in Q1-2 2024. 

Revolution will be closing the order book for its own Class 313s at the end of September, to allow customers to see the decorated samples on our stand at The International N Gauge Show, after which the models are still likely to be available from retailers but at a higher price.

Model photos of 313121, 313201 and T7 cars courtesy of Rails of Sheffield and Tom Everitt.

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Revolution PEP joins ‘PEPs on Tour’!

Revolution Trains was delighted to support the Class 313 Farewell ‘PEPs on Tour: Sussex Rambler’ event on the South coast this weekend.

The 313 Farewell Railtour passes Bedelands Nature Reserve, Burgess Hill. Photo courtesy Jonathan Hughes.

The railtour was organised by the Branch Line Society and Southern to celebrate the Class 313 PEP (Prototype Electro-Pneumatic) units, that have served generations of commuters and travellers since the mid-1970s.

The PEPs pioneered many now commonplace features such as dual voltage traction and powered doors. For most of their service lives they operated in and around London, however in recent years they enjoyed something of a renaissance on Southern’s ‘Coastway’ route, having been refurbished by Southern and owners Beacon Rail Leasing.

313211 at Brighton in Southern Coastway colours.

In Scotland the similar Class 314s performed likewise.

For some time they have been the oldest units on the network still in squadron service, but they are set to bow out in the upcoming mid-May timetable change.

The railtour took us from Brighton, along the western stretch of the coastway route to Portsmouth Harbour, back to Three Bridges via Littlehampton then across to Hastings, Eastbourne and Newhaven Marine, before returning to Brighton. (Tour images at Hastings and River Arun at Ford courtesy Foulger Rail/Creative Commons)

The tour generated enormous interest, with photographers and enthusiasts waiting at most stations, and internet celebrity trainspotter Francis Bourgouis was one of those on board – patiently posing for photographs at every stop, with young and not-so-young fellow enthusiasts.

It also raised £25,000 for Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice and The Railway Children charities, through ticket sales and an onboard auction which included among its prizes a voucher for an N gauge model of the Class 313 provided by Revolution Trains – congratulations to all lucky winners!

Francis Bourgeois with three annoying hangers-on.

The Revolution Trains N gauge Class 313 ad 314 PEP unit models are now nearing production, and we expect to close the order book in the next 4-8 weeks. We were delighted to support the tour and join hundreds of others in celebrating these stalwart units. And of course it was a great chance to compare with our decorated sample!

We expect to have decorated samples of other models being offered – including Network Southeast, Silverlink and Southern, in the next few days.

All being well these will be on display at the N Gauge Society’s Celebration of N Gauge at the National Railway Museum, York, over the weekend May 13th and 14th, so anyone still undecided who may wish to pre-order can examine them personally. Come and see us there!

Our class 313/314 PEP models can still be pre-ordered at the low pre-production price of £225 (DC with Next18 socket and speaker) or £320 (DCC Sound fitted) using the button below. (Please remember to use separate orders for different types of model, though different liveries or numbers of the same item can be mixed. Thanks!)

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Need a little PEP-ping up for 2022?

We’ve said for a long time that we didn’t want to put a further EMU on sale until we’d delivered our Class 320s and 321s (much delayed due to a change of factory and then Covid). With the first batch of 320s/321s due to leave China at any point now and the first EP sample of our 313/314 sneaking into the UK recently we thought now was a good time to open the order book for the 313s and 314s.

Class 313 EP sample

The EP sample doesn’t show all the tooling differences in terms of lights and with or without NRN roof pods but gives a good flavour of the units!

DMSO EP sample

The model features: working, directional lights (with different appropriate styles for each version – original or revised) with some user switchable lighting functions; a low profile drive unit (in centre car); kinematic close coupling with electrical connections between cars; detailed interior; realistic pantograph and a DCC decoder socket (Next 18).

DMSO underframe details

The 313s and 314s are all on sale from the N gauge pre-order section of our Shop in a variety of liveries as previously announced (313s: blue/grey; NSE; Silverlink/London Overground; First Capital Connect/Great Northern; Southern. 314s: Strathclyde orange; ScotRail Saltire).

Want to get an early-bird discount? Place your order by 13 March 2022!

If you want to take advantage of our early-bird discount please place your order by 13 March 2022!

If the version that you want isn’t available yet then we hope to announce some retailer exclusives shortly – you’ve probably spotted that the Network Rail yellow, “modern” Southern Blue/Grey and T7 translator vehicle sets are not in this announcement!

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PEP talk – Class 313/314 CAD unveiled!

CAD has been finalised on the forthcoming Revolution Trains Class 313 and 314 ‘PEP’ electric multiple units.

313 DMSO – current version with hi intensity headlight

Versions with the original and revised headlights are being offered, and with the CAD almost signed off tooling will begin shortly.

Centre car with pantograph

Once the models are delivered we anticipate that some models will be available from retailers, but at a higher MSRP to include their margins.

The launch liveries are:

BR Blue-Grey. 1976-late 1980s
BR Network southeast. 1986-mid 2000s.
SIlverlink Metro. 1997-2007
London Overground 2007-2013
First Capital Connect ‘Urban Lights’ 2006-2014
Great Northern ‘Urban Lights’ 2014-2019
Southern ‘Coastway’ 2010-present.
Note: the prototypes have photo vinyls next to the door not featured in this preliminary impression.

In addition to the variants offered above, there are interesting specials and one offs. These will not be part of Revolution’s own production, but we are hopeful of producing one or more as a retailer exclusive.

313121 Network Rail ‘Delivering future signalling’ 2014-present
313201 Southern heritage BR Blue. 2017-present.
This is the first 313 PEP unit built, and was repainted after being confirmed for the National Collection.
Arlington Fleet Services T7 EMU translator car twin set.
These two former driving cars are used for loco-hauled MU positioning moves.
Note T7 units will have standard couplers at non-cab end, not power coupler illustrated.

Revolution is also offering the very similar Class 314 units that operated in Scotland from the late 1970s. There are some minor differences with the 313s and these will be depicted where possible. Please note there are some configurations with the CAD that need tweaking, such as the shoegear which is not present on the 314.

Class 314 DMSO

The Class 314s have carried four liveries; Revolution is initially offering those covering the period from 1983, when the first blue grey unit received the striking Strathclyde PTE orange and black, until 2019 when the last 314s were withdrawn.

Strathclyde PTE 1983-2013.
Scotrail 2011-2019.

Once the tooling begins we will be opening the order book – it will likely be a couple of months time. As ever there will be a discounted Earlybird price for the first couple of months or so, after which it’ll go up to the standard pre-order price.