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A Revolution in TT:120

Revolution Trains is offering the MMA/JNA-T ‘Ealnos’ box wagon as our first models in TT:120 – the UK’s newest scale.

There are around 1200 of these wagons on the network now and they are used by nearly every freight operator. As TT:120 starts to grow these wagons are the ideal accompaniment to the first ‘modern’ mainline diesel loco being offered – the Hornby Class 66 in DB, GBRf and Colas liveries, though they can also be seen hauled by Classes 56, 59 and 60.

Photos by DBS 60100, Foulger Rail Photos, Train Photos, Robert Reedman, Carl Watson, CA850, Sludge G, Lews Smith and Steve Knight used under Creative Commons.

The MMA/JNA wagons are sturdy and reliable and are used for stone, sand, spoil and ballast. Because they don’t need costly top-loading or gravity-discharge handling facilities – just a siding and a wheel loader – they are very flexible and ideal for short term contracts. This also means they are easy to introduce on your model railway!

From top photos used under creative commons and courtesy Chris Beardsmore, Neil Higson, ‘Worcestershire Shed’, Chris Taylor, Jon Lawton.

TT:120 is an exciting new scale which, for the first time, offers modellers in Britain the opportunity to purchase ready-to-run models with the correct combination of scale and gauge. OO 1:76.2 scale models on 16.5mm gauge tracks are nearly 15% too narrow, while even in N there is an error factor of approximately 7% between scale and gauge.

The Revolution TT:120 box wagons will conform to existing TT:120 standards in wheels and couplers and will work on all main brands of 12mm track including Peco.

We are offering the models in DB, Ermewa, GBRf, VTG-Mendip Rail and Wascosa/Network Rail with five different running numbers for each.

As with our well-regarded models in OO and N the wagons will feature prototypical variations in detailing including 9-rib and 11-rib bodyshells, with or without side cleaning doors, with body or bogie mounted brake wheels and incorporating variations in the positioning and configuration of underfloor brake equipment.

The real wagons are seen across the network, and are used by nearly all freight operators.

We intend for the MMA/JNA to be just the start of our range in TT:120 and if it’s a success we will look to other models in our range that would benefit the new scale, including other wagons and powered models.

CAD design is underway and will be unveiled shortly.  We anticipate these models to be completed by Q2 2025 and the MSRP is £44.95 per wagon. You can pre-order and reserve your models direct from Revolution Trains or from your preferred Revolution stockist.

All the wagons can be pre-ordered now from our online shop.