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Class 320/321 delivery update

Updated 21/06/2022.

The factory shipped the 320/321s in two batches both of which are now with us – batch 1 contained: London Midland 321, Scotrail 320, Strathclyde Carmine & Cream 320 (exclusive to AMRSS/Model Rail Scotland) and undecorated 320s and 321s; batch 2 contained: NSE 321, Silverlink 321 and Strathclyde orange 320s. A large number of batch 1 and 2 models have been sent out to customers (but not all – see below).

Batch 1 – London Midland 321, Scotrail 320 and undecorated white (320 and 321):

All balance invoices sent out – if you haven’t received your balance invoice then please login to your account on our website and check your orders (any unpaid balance invoice should have a status of “Pending deposit payment”) and make any balance payment(s) as necessary. If you have checked your account and are expecting an invoice for a London Midland 321, Scotrail 320 or undecorated white 320 or 321 then please drop us an email with your order details.

Deliveries of orders – 90% of fully-paid orders have been sent out except for a few large orders and international orders that are too large for our regular carrier and a few orders that have queries to resolve.

Batch 2 – NSE 321, Silverlink 321, Strathclyde Orange 320:

All balance invoices have been sent out or we have sent you an email to clarify something with your order. If you haven’t heard from us please get in contact with us.

Deliveries – orders started to be posted on Monday 25 April – all fully paid orders (as of 23/4/22) were sent out on 25/4 (though not all marked as despatched yet) with a second batch sent out on 5/5/22. The majority of the remaining orders are either orders we’re waiting for balance payments or orders that have second choice or changes.

Deliveries: 90% of all orders sent out.

Important if you paid a deposit: when you pay your balance then your deposit order *may* automatically change status to “Complete” and generate an email saying that your order is despatched – as per the note at the bottom of the email, balance orders are only despatched once both halves of the order (ie balance as well as deposit) are marked as despatched.

As ever we will send out orders in the order that we received full payment ie paid in full orders will go out first followed by deposit/balance orders in the order that we receive the payments.

Last updated: 21/06/2022 (we will keep this page updated)