Class 320 and class 321

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This model is now in the final stages of development, as we have received the EP1 sample and this has been assessed with feedback sent to the factory.

A working sample is due shortly, to enable us to assess the running and lighting functions, and check that the close-coupling units (which also transmit power and DCC signal) function as they should.

We are also preparing livery diagrams now to enable the factory to produce decorated samples, and will soon be finalising the livery selections.

If you’re interested in one or more of these useful units – ideal in London Midland for running alongside your Revolution Trains Pendolinos or Class 92s – please order now.  To make it easier we are offering the option of ordering the 320/321 with a deposit option.

Photo courtesy Phil Parker

If the remaining development cycle goes to plan we anticipate that the models will be produced Q2/3 next year.

Photo courtesy Phil Parker

Introduced between 1989 and 1990, the 4-car Class 321 units operate on fast suburban services in Northern England and on WCML, ECML and GE services from London. The 3-car Class 320s are to virtually the same design and are in service in Scotland.

The Class 320 and 321 family is arguably the archetypal Mk3 based multiple unit. Examples have seen service in large areas of England and Scotland and in numerous liveries. We are also considering the similar 2-car Class 456, however this would require a little additional tooling to make an accurate model.

Scotland’s Class 320 units have standard class seating only. They have carried Strathclyde original orange/black, Stratchlyde carmine and cream and Scotrail colours.

Class 320 in Scotrail Saltire livery by Tom Smith
Class 320 in Scotrail Saltire livery by Tom Smith

Introduced initially in Network South East colours, the Class 321 units have carried numerous liveries including Silverlink, Great Eastern, London Midland, Northern and Abellio. Some are now operating in Scotland with Scotrail.

Confirmed liveries are for the Class 321: London Midland and Network South East (at least two different running numbers for each), First colours, and the Class 320 in Scotrail “Saltire” colours (two running numbers).

Silverlink and Strathclyde PTE orange/black are very close to having reached the necessary number of orders to secure production and are likely to go ahead.

London Midland and Silverlink versions are ideal for running alongside your Revolution Class 390 Pendolino models; see here or here, or your Revolution Class 92 and Farish 350s here.

Producing this model will also make certain areas – such as the southern stretch of the WCML or suburban lines out of Glasgow – a realistic proposition for N Gauge modellers for the first time.

320-321 route map

The model is being produced by Sonic Models and features working switchable lights, close coupling, detailed interior, realistic pantograph and be available with optional DCC Sound.

We’d also like to thank Eversholt Rail, who own the units, for their support and assistance, allowing us access to measure every aspect of the units to ensure our model is as accurate as possible.


Class 320 (three-car) unit: £180 (DC) and £275 (DCC Sound)

Class 321 (four-car) unit: £205 (DC) and £300 (DCC Sound)

Thanks to all who have ordered so far and enabled us to get this model off the ground.