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Class 320/321 first CADs received

Hot on the heels of the first sample of the Revolution Trains Class 92 come first CAD drawings for the previously announced Class 320/321 EMUs.

The drawing is still in its early stages, and some details, such as couplers and interiors, are missing, as are the gangway bellows and end corridor doors.


This vehicle is the Class 321 DTCO.  Once the designers know we are happy with the shape and detailing they will use them as the basis for the other vehicles in the 4-car unit, as all the sections are fairly modular.

We feel the distinctive front end has been well captured, though the corner cutouts at the top of the windscreen should only be present on the non-driver side.

The Class 320 units used in Scotland are 3-car sets and have DTSO vehicles at both ends, with no DTCO.

These units are still available to order; however we will be rationalising the liveries down fairly soon as some are nowhere near minimum order quantities.

We have been holding off this task until CADs are received in the hope that once potential supporters see evidence of the likely quality and fidelity of the model they will decide to take the plunge.  If you are interested in a particular livery we urge you to back it before it has to be dropped.