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Class A and Zander cruise into view…

Revolution Trains has confirmed it will offer the much-requested Class A fuel tanker in 2020.

Class A tanker in original Esso silver

Like the prototype, when manufactured in the late 1950s, our model will share its chassis design with the well-received Class B tankers. It is anticipated that original and revised Esso liveries will be offered along with Mobil and Staveley Chemicals.

The model uses the same chassis as the class B but has a longer tank barrel as in service it was used for lighter fuels.

After some tankers were replaced by higher capacity versions in the 1970s, their chassis were used for mineral wagons. These were coded MTV under TOPS. These saw service across Britain and are as useful in stone trains as in departmental use – with the fishkind name Zander – alongside our Sturgeon wagons.

MTV “Zander” stone wagon

We are also planning a further run of Class B tankers in one new livery and the more popular existing liveries with new running numbers.