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Class B tanker samples received

Revolution Trains has now received painted samples of all Class B tanker livery variants.

The Esso version arrived just in time for the N Gauge International Show at the start of the September; now  samples of the remaining liveries are here.

The options are:

Mobil Charrington red:

We know these wagons were operated to depots in Neasden and Cambridge and between Ellesmere Port and Spen, though other flows may well have been commonplace


Unbranded “Fuel Oil” black:

After the original Esso wagons were debranded some were used by the CEGB for Fuel Oil. Note the rivets marking the former location of the Esso plate, and the new number patch-painted over the old.


Regent black:

These wagons were introduced in 1961 and had the modified suspension brackets from new.


Texaco black:

In the late 1960s the Regent brand was replaced by Texaco and the wagons were renumbered. On this model the red border on the main logo needs to be more even.



United Molasses brown:

The wagons received new 5-digit numbers in the 1970s, but some retained the original 3-digit number on the ends.
These wagons were bought from other users and were a mix of those with original and revised suspension. Most featured blue ends, but some did not. Our triple pack will include one without blue ends, for variety.


These models will be examined closely and easy modification, corrections or amendments will be fed back to the factory before they go into production.

The checking process will last a few weeks and these models will be on display on our stand at the Warley National Model Railway Show at the NEC in November, after which we will close the order book.

We only produce models to order, and have received numerous emails from customers wishing they had ordered our TEA tankers or Pendolinos, so if you are interested in these models please order by then to avoid missing out.