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Class B tanker takes shape… but there’s a catch.

CAD drawings for the first version of the 35t class B tank wagon – with the both the original and revised suspension – are now ready for approval.


The model will feature etched ladders and catwalks, lots of separately fitted underframe detail and very fine etches to represent the various  operator panels.

This is the version with the original suspension units and oval ESSO branding panels.



Included among the separately fitted parts are the much of the brake and discharge gear, levers and end taps.

The couplers are in NEM close coupling sockets.

The Regent (round panel)  Total and United Molasses tanks have the later suspension:


We think these CAD designs are very good, and are now ready to go for tooling.

If sent straightaway we would expect to see samples just before Christmas.



But here is the bad news…

Despite an early rush the sales are not yet at the level that would justify further expenditure.   The CADS are a relatively small part of the cost, and we can absorb them, but to get to tooling we need more 1950s/60s/70s/80s modellers to step forward and sign up for these models.

Our previous attempt to offer something for the transition era (the Class 29 locomotive) failed and we felt that perhaps modellers focussed on older prototypes are not ready for crowdfunding as a methodology.

We have been persuaded to look at these tankers, and believe they will be a useful, interesting and attractive model and will be every bit as good as our very well received modern TEA tankers.

It may be customers are reluctant to sign up for a model without a deadline, however the message is clearly that the sooner we reach the minimum, the sooner we can progress this model to the next stage.

And that won’t happen unless sales pick up.

If you are keen on these models, please tell friends that you think might like them so that we can be sure we have exhausted every possibility.

We hope that the evidence of these CAD designs will persuade transition era modellers to sign up, but if we have not reached minimum levels by the middle of December we will need to, reluctantly, cancel this model so we can focus on the modern image models that are selling.

In the event of this happening anyone who has put down money for the Class B tankers will of course be refunded.