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Early Bird deadline extended by one month


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EarlyBird Deadline Extended

We have decided to extend our EarlyBird deadlines for the N Gauge KFA wagons, Class 320 and 321 units and OO TEA tankers by an additional month, to midnight on July 31st 2016.

The deadline was originally set at midnight tonight, but issues with the website dating system (it thought the deadline was last night!) have led to our being inundated with customers who’ve been unable to order at the lower price.

The problem has been rectified we believe, but to avoid any possibility of unfairness we have decided to extend the deadline.

We also need a little more time to be able to correctly process orders from outside the EU, which require a non-VAT option, and the additional time will allow us to fix this.

We are also evaluating the impact of the UK’s vote to leave the EU on the sterling:dollar exchange rate.

We pay the majority of our bills in dollars and although (due to very cautious price modelling at the outset) we are able to absorb some fluctuations in the exchange rate if sterling falls further we will have to consider increasing our prices for non-Earlybird orders of the 320/321, KFA and 4mm TEA.

We would like to emphasise that any price increase will not affect orders already placed for 320/321s, KFAs or the 4mm TEAs.

The extension to the earlybird deadline will give us a bit of breathing room to see how sterling performs.

We would like to thank all our customers for their understanding and patience!