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Ecofrets ahoy!

Revolution Trains has received EP1 samples of its forthcoming FWA “Ecofret” intermodal wagons in 00 and N.

Big fret little fret…

Coded FWA under TOPS, and Sfgkmmss under the international UIC system, they were developed by wagon leasing specialists VTG in 2012.  They are in service with Freightliner in twin sets and with GBRf and DB Cargo in triple sets. 

Ecofret triple set in GBRf blue on the ECML.

They are shorter than traditional flats – 40’ instead of 60’ – because in the modern world 40’ containers far outnumber smaller 20’ boxes so they can be loaded with significantly less wasted space.   There are currently 232 vehicles in service, split between double and triple sets, with a further 84 sets on order.

FWA Ecofret twin at Coatbridge Freightliner Terminal. Photo courtesy Tom Smith.

The FWA Ecofret is the first model that Revolution Trains have been able to crowdfund simultaneously in both 00 and N gauge, and we would like to thank all those who’ve already pre-ordered to help the project progress so quickly.

Research trip to GBRf Peterborough depot

We’d also like to thank GBRf and VTG UK for their assistance in helping us research and develop this model.

Components of a single N-gauge car

The prototypes have fixed spigots on each outer car, and can only carry 40’ boxes, however the centre car on the triple sets has additional rotating spigots in the centre to allow a pair of 20’ containers to be loaded.

The Revolution 00 model has been designed with similar spigots, allowing customers to load their models as they wish.

Centre car loaded with 2 x 20’ containers by C-Rail
Spigots in raised position.
Spigots flipped over to allow 40’ container to be loaded.

Bogies are to our usual high standards and in 00 separate dampers have been fitted.

These sets can be ordered now at the special early-bird prices of £70 (green twin) and £95 (blue, red triple) in N and £95 (green twin) and £125 (blue, red triple) in 00.

Order N gauge Ecofrets

The N-gauge earlybird price ends on May 31st, in just 5 days time, so you are strongly urged to order now to get the best price.

N gauge triple set

Delivery of all models is expected in Q4, though it is possible this will change due to coronavirus.