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End of March Order Deadline for 00 TEA tankers

The order deadline for the upcoming TEA tankers in 00 is midnight on March 31st.

Rapido will put the models into production soon after we communicate the final order quantity.  We are dispensing with the usual painted sample approval stage because they will use the same artwork (albeit scaled up!) as our award winning models of the same wagons in N.

The liveries available are:  VTG red, VTG plain blue, VTG grey, EWS grey and Freightliner green, VTG “Greenergy” triple pack and VTG “Enviro message” blue.  See our order pages for which models are available singly or in triple packs.

As ever we will only produce enough models to satisfy pre-orders so please don’t miss out, however as with the tankers in N we anticipate that a small number of select traders will be stocking them.