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Fantastic-4 – Revolution Cartic samples in 00 and N!

Revolution Trains has received decorated samples of its N gauge Cartic-4 car carrier wagons and EP1 samples of the 00 versions which are following closely behind.

00 EP1 samples of Cartic-4 variants with side mesh screens and with solid side screens, with or without roofs, as added in the 1980s.

As built 1960s-70s version of the Cartic-4 in N gauge with stanchions and safety ropes along the top deck in MAT Transauto livery.

The full 00 Cartic-4 is approx 814mm over buffers.

The Cartic-4s were built in the 1960s with a double-deck design to enable British Railways to satisfy the rapidly growing demands of the UK car industry. Some sets were also used for the new Motorail service allowing passengers to take their cars on holiday with them to destinations in south west England, Wales and Scotland.

Operators included MAT, Silcock & Collings and later STVA.

Originally designed with open sides, in the 1980s some wagons were fitted with ‘Expamet’ screens and others with solid panels to prevent damage from stones, ballast etc.

Revolution 00 EP sample of version with ‘Expamet’ side screens

As can be seen from the image above, the articulated joints are not dissimilar to the real thing and incorporate a common lower plate on the bogie pivot with an end vertical peg on the diecast lower deck of the unit dropping into a locating hole. The 00 model is shown but the principle is the same on the N gauge version.

Please note that the EP samples are just to check fit of parts and running – some fine details, such as the ribs on the roofs, are yet to be engraved into the moulds as they have been on the N gauge decorated version.

As our models need to cope with far tighter curves than the real thing there are two holes – one for those needing easier clearances, and one offering scale separation for those with more generous curves.

Revolution Cartic-4s on test over 2nd radius setrack S-curves.

Revolution is offering Cartics in both scales to cover the full lifespan of these fascinating and eye-catching vehicles. Although the N gauge decorated samples are shown below, the liveries and colour schemes will be the same in 00.

Introduced in 1966, the first production units were put into service by BR on Motorail trains, and by MAT Transauto and Silcock & Collings on new car deliveries.

From the early 1980s operators began making alterations to the wagons to protect their loads being damaged by thrown stones and so on.

Silcock & Collings’ solution was to add side screens, and later roofs, while MAT fitted Expamet mesh sides.

In the mid-1990s MAT was acquired by STVA, and in their final iteration the wagons received STVA’s pale grey livery with red lettering.

We are still accepting orders at the lower pre-order price in both scales, though the N gauge version is likely to close out in the next couple of months so production can begin with delivery estimated for Q2 2024.

The 00 gauge model has been thoroughly tested on 2nd radius curves and the next step will be painted samples in 4mm; these models are expected to ship in Q3 next year.