Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the delivery address on open orders?

Please update the delivery/shipping address on your online account.  Updating the shippping/delivery address in your account will only affect new orders, however when we are ready to send out an order to you  we will check your account shipping address (and if necessary confirm with you the correct address).

What minimum radius are your models designed for?

All of our N gauge and OO gauge models are designed for a minimum radius of Peco set track 2nd radius curves (and points).

For N gauge that equates to 10.375 inches/265mm.

For OO gauge that equates to 18 inches/438mm.

That isn’t to say that some of our models won’t go round tighter curves – some will – but we won’t guarantee that all will.

Our experience is that even second radius curves are very tight curves but we understand that there is a balance between the size of curves vs the push for detail and accuracy.

How does the deposit system work?

You have the choice to pay in full up front or pay a 50% deposit.

If you pay a 50% deposit then you have locked in your model(s) at the price stated.  We will invoice you for the balance when the models are nearly ready to ship.  Please note that if you order multiple line items on an order that the deposit system will generate one balance invoice (with a different order number) for each line item and it is not possible for our website to combine the balance invoices.

When you pay your balance invoice the deposit invoice will automatically be set to “Complete”, however your order is not despatched until the balance invoice is also marked as “Complete”.

Why don’t I receive your email newsletters?

We can’t force you to sign up for our newsletters! Nor are we allowed to sign you up without your explicit consent even if you have placed an order with us (though of course we hope that you will want to read our news!).

So if you would like to get our newsletter then you can either sign up when you create an account on our site (just make sure the correct checkbox is ticked) or you can sign up using the box in the footer of every page on our website.

If you think that you have signed up but you can’t be sure or you are not getting our newsletters then two things to check:

  • check that you are on the mailing list: just fill in the form to join the newsletter and click enter.  The system won’t let you subscribe with the same email address twice (though you can use as many different emails as you want!)
  • check that our emails are not ending up in your spam folder!

Do you store card details / how can I update my card details?

We do not store your card details so there is no need to update them if your card changes.  Our card payment processor (Stripe) may offer the facility to store your card details for convenience.

What do the order statuses mean for my orders?

Processing = order has been received and paid for.

Pending payment / pending deposit payment = order received and items reserved but awaiting payment.

On hold = order received and items reserved but awaiting payment.

Completed = order paid for and dispatched from us.

Partially paid = order received and deposit paid.  Balance to be paid in future (not yet due).

Scheduled = automatically scheduled payments (due on scheduled due date)


Do you deduct VAT for non-UK orders?

Yes, we do.  Our ordering system automatically removes VAT from your order if the delivery address is outside the UK – you will only have been charged VAT if it is explicitly shown on your order as separate line item.

If you live outside the UK but place an order for delivery to an address in the UK then we have to charge you VAT though you will be able to reclaim it when you take the goods out of the UK.

Should I place separate orders for different products?

Our products typically arrive at completely different times so it is easier for you and us if you place orders for only product category per order. Different liveries of the same product are absolutely fine on the same order.

You will pay the same P&P charges if you place two orders for eg 2 x Class 92s (first order) and 1 x KFA container flat (second order) as if you placed the 92s and KFA on the same order.

Will you combine postage costs for multiple orders?

If you place multiple orders for the same product we will pick the most cost effective way of packing your orders and refund you any P&P savings (NB if the cost of P&P comes to more than we have charged you we won’t charge you any additional money!).  We will only be able to do this when we send out your goods.

Why do you not publish a phone number?

We are a very small part-time business – there are two of us (Ben and Mike) that do this in our spare time.  We can not guarantee that there will be anyone available to answer phone calls or to call people back in the evenings.

As a result our business is largely internet-based (or you can come and talk to us at one of the exhibitions we attend).  This means that we will reply to your queries as and when it is possible for us.  We will try to respond within 2-3 days, but sometimes (particularly when we are busy – either with Revolution Trains or normal life!) it will take us longer to respond to your queries.

Many of the answers can be found on our website by checking our project update overview here or by logging in to your account to check your orders.

My tanks uncouple – what should I do?

A potential problem is either related to assembly or knocks in transit where the close coupler cam mechanism is not flat.

Basically remove the bogies and check that the H shaped metal insert which holds the coupling in place is absolutely flat. The piece clips into the barrel and holds the coupling mounting – make sure that it is completely clipped in.

For more general pointers on couplers – the starting point with any couplers is always check that they  flat. If they are droopy then you can try swapping couplers around or look at the problem referred to above.

One final potential problem is that the coupler pin might be slightly too long – this should not be a problem for most people but if you have any ballast above sleeper level in the track centre then a simple solution is to trim a very small amount off the coupler pin.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email

Normally the system should email you a confirmation email containing your order details when payment has been received, however we have noticed that when the site is busy (as it becomes more popular!) that the first thing it does is stop sending *some* confirmation emails.

If you don’t receive a confirmation email then please first check that the email address we have on our records (in My Account under Shop in the menu) is correct. If that is correct you can always check any of your orders with us in the My Account section which contains a record of all your orders.

What warranty spares will be available?

We offer a 1 year warranty and full spares will be available from the outset.

My wheels are not free running.

First of all check that the wheelsets are correctly seated in the bogies (part 10).

If that does not work then try loosening off the screw (part 41) attaching the bogie by a quarter to half a turn.

Finally check that the close coupling mechanism is not interfering with the wheels. To do this – remove the bogie and check that the H shaped insert (part 7) which holds the coupling in place is absolutely flat and clipped in properly – there is a piece that clips into the barrel and holds the coupling mounting.

If none of the above works please get in contact with us!

My tank rattles what should I do?

The tank rattling suggests that the barrel weight (part 32) has come loose from its retaining clip. A loose weight shoul have no impact on running, but if you would like to put it back in position then gently ease off the barrel end (part 6) with no ladders – please take care not to damage any of the detail while doing so! Slot the weight back into the clip –  you may wish to use a small amount of superglue or epoxy to secure the weight. Refit the barrel end.

What guarantees do I have that I will receive my model?

All our projects are separately costed and the funds ring-fenced for each project – we will never cross-subsidise one project with the funds from another.

We will not start taking any money until we are confident that there is more than enough interest for the project to go ahead and that we have built sufficient contingencies into the project.

We will keep you updated (through this website and our newsletter (if you sign up for it)) at all stages of development so you can see how your money is being spent.

And of course you can always ask for a refund at any point in the process.

Once you have paid for all or part of your model we will always hold that stock for you and guarantee that you will receive your model (if you pay a deposit please pay your balance promptly when requested).


Why does my order say “processing”?

Processing is our website’s status for an order that has been accepted but is waiting to be shipped.

When is the deadline for ordering?

Each model will have a well-publicised order deadline.  If no deadline is shown on either the project page or in the shop section then that means that we have yet to set an order deadline. We set an order deadline so that we can confirm production numbers.

Once the order deadline has closed we can not guarantee that we will be able to supply additional orders, though it is worth asking in case we have any cancelled orders.


When will my model be delivered?

With any manufacturing process it is difficult to give cast-iron delivery dates, however we will always keep our website up to date with the latest developments of each model. As soon as we know a definite production schedule (and therefore a likely timescale for delivery to the UK) we will update our website.

When do I have to pay the balance?

We will invoice you for the balance when the models are nearly ready to ship.  Please note that if you order multiple line items on an order that the deposit system will generate one balance invoice (with a different order number) for each line item and it is not possible for our website to combine the balance invoices.

What is early bird pricing?

Our early bird pricing enables us to reward our customers who back a project and place an order in the early stages of development.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a new way to fund creative products.  If people like one of our projects, they can express interest.  Once we have enough interest to make the project viable we will start development and open the order book. The order book closes when we are about to begin production and we will only produce what is ordered.

Why should I bother – am I not better off waiting for others to commit to this?

Absolutely not! The funding model for the project relies on crowdfunding – essentially anyone who wants the project to go ahead is able to invest in the project and in return receive models.   We will only produce the models that are pre-ordered.

When will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged immediately on check out – this allows us to develop the models in the quickest and most cost-effective manner.