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HOA CAD drawings nearing approval

CAD drawings for the forthcoming Revolution Trains N-gauge HOA stone hopper are almost ready for approval.

CAD shows original version with body mounted parking brakewheel. This represents EWS, Cemex, DB and Tarmac versions.

Lead designer on this project for Rapido Trains is well-known British wagon enthusiast Gareth Bayer.

Version with parking brakewheel on the bogie as in service with VTG and Mendip Rail.

These models will feature similar levels of detailing to our well-received TEA tanker wagons.

As ever Revolution Trains are striving for maximum authenticity, so we are correctly depicting variations between the original and VTG versions, including the position of the parking brake wheels and with either 4 or 6 strengthening fillets on the bodysides.

A considerable amount of work has gone into correctly depciting the internal strengthening fillets and baffles.
The wagons will correctly feature either rectangular buffers or, for the VTG version shown here, oval top buffers.
The discharge chutes incorporate separate mouldings and wire actuator handle connectors.

The model will feature NEM couplers and, like our well-received TEA tankers, be weighted to NMRA standards for great running and track-holding.

The response to this model has been exceptionally enthusiastic and once the CADs have received final approval we will be opening the order book and looking to commence tooling.