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HOAs are here!

Revolution Trains HOA stone hoppers in N are now being dispatched to customers.

Latest update: Customers who paid in full – orders despatched. Customers who paid a deposit – all balance invoices generated, please check your account for any outstanding balance invoices. We realise that it is a pain getting lots of balance invoices but the alternative would be that we could not offer a deposit system – see more here.

Revolution HOA hoppers in EWS, Cemex, DB, Ermewa/Tarmac and VTG/Mendip Rail liveries.

The first models have been dispatched to those customers who pre-paid in full; the remainder will be sent out over the coming days.

Customers who have payments outstanding will be invoiced shortly and once balance payments are made the models will be sent (the first balance invoices were sent out 11/03/2020 and will take some time to generate them all.

Revolution HOA hoppers in EWS and Cemex livery on Pete Latham’s “Wormhill” layout at Model Rail Scotland

“Wormhill” is based on Peak Forest in Derbyshire and will be instantly recognisable to anyone familiar with the location.

DB Class 66 with MMA box wagons at Peak Forest in September 2018.

The layout measures 8’ x 2’ and has been cleverly designed to brilliantly demonstrate the benefits of N-gauge when it comes to modelling real locations and scale-length trains.

We have become aware that on a small number of models the bogie retaining screws have been over-tightened during assembly. This results in the bogies being a little stiff and can result in issues when running.

This can easily be rectified by using a small Phillips head screwdriver to loosen the screw by a quarter or half turn.