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Hold-all the horses – it’s a 3-2-1 countdown for Revolution!

With the majority of our OO gauge IWA holdall vans and timber carriers sent out to customers we thought it would be helpful to provide a quick update of what we’ve got coming up.

OO gauge: we’d hoped that our OO/4mm Ecofret FWA freightliner 40′ flats and IPA car carriers would be on the high seas unfortunately it looks as one of both of these models won’t quite be complete before Chinese New Year (CNY) with the result that they will both be delayed by a couple of months. We’re waiting for final confirmation from the factory producing these models in case we can get one of the models out before the CNY holidays.

Revolution Trains IWA holdall vans in OO/4mm – timber carrier conversions also available.

Our OO/4mm IWAs have been sent out over the last 2 weeks to approx 95% of our customers – there’s a small batch of UK and international orders to send out (plus a few orders that we’re waiting for balance payments on).

N gauge: following swiftly on the heels of our OO IWA models are the N gauge models which should be with us over the next week. We’re starting to send out balance invoices and we will keep our Projects overview page up to date with progress on sending out balance invoices and then the models.

Then to cap off the 3-2-1 of arrivals in the UK will be the long-awaited class 320s and 321s. To get the models to customers as quickly as possible they are being airfreighted in two batches. The first batch should arrive in the next week or so (subject to customs clearance) and will contain:

  • Class 320s: ScotRail Saltire; undecorated white with yellow ends; Strathclyde Carmine & Cream (exclusive for AMRSS and on sale at Model Rail Scotland)
  • Class 321s: London Midland; undecorated white with yellow ends

The second batch will leave around the end of January and will contain:

  • Class 320s: Strathclyde Orange
  • Class 321s: NSE; Silverlink

Balance invoices for 320s and 321s will also start to be generated over the next week and again you will be able to follow progress on our Projects page.

If you have a balance to pay on IWAs or 320s/321s we’d be grateful if you could pay your balance as quickly as possible so that we can get the models to you! As usual we will combine orders where it makes sense to (we won’t be able to combine IWA and 320/321 orders) and orders will be sent out in order of when the orders were placed. As usual the deposit software generates a new balance invoice for each order line and we can’t combine orders, however if you prefer to pay by BACS/bank transfer then please feel free to total up your balance invoices and make a single payment.

If you have updated your delivery address after today (19 January 2022) please drop us a note to let us know that we will need to check/update your shipping address as we may have generated address labels from this date.

We completely understand that everyone wants their models as quickly as possible but we’d be really grateful if customers didn’t email or message us until we’ve said that all orders have been despatched (or you’ve had tracking details for your order and it hasn’t arrived within 7-14 days (please allow longer for international orders!)). We always do our best to send out models as quickly as possible and having to reply to queries about orders that haven’t been despatched yet only slows things down for everyone. Thanks for the understanding!