Why don’t I receive your email newsletters?

We can’t force you to sign up for our newsletters! Nor are we allowed to sign you up without your explicit consent even if you have placed an order with us (though of course we hope that you will want to read our news!).

So if you would like to get our newsletter then you can either sign up when you create an account on our site (just make sure the correct checkbox is ticked) or you can sign up using the box in the footer of every page on our website.

If you think that you have signed up but you can’t be sure or you are not getting our newsletters then two things to check:

  • check that you are on the mailing list: just fill in the form to join the newsletter and click enter.  The system won’t let you subscribe with the same email address twice (though you can use as many different emails as you want!)
  • check that our emails are not ending up in your spam folder!