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IPA D-Day!

Deadline day for the N-Gauge Revolution IPA Car Carriers is less than a week away as we will be closing our order book on January 31st.

IPA flat, flat with stakes and covered twins in STVA red livery

This will ensure production can commence immediately after Chinese New Year.

All variants also available in VTG original grey livery.

The single deck IPA car carriers were introduced in the to Britain in the 1990s, having been converted from French twin deck wagons originally built in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

92010 at Northampton. Photo courtesy Trevor Plackett.

Operated at first by Railfreight Distribution, they were taken on by STVA on its formation in 1996.

Originally configured as flat twins, some were fitted with stakes to allow canvas sheeting to be stretched along the sides to protect the vehicles being transported. For high value cars, this was deemed inadequate and a large number were fitted with sides and roofs. Many of these were reconfigured into quad sets.

IPA quad set in STVA grey

Revolution is offering all types in both original pale grey and current red liveries.

For more details and information, including sample consists and a route map illustrating the operations of these wagons, see here.

We anticipate the N gauge models will be shipped in Q2. All versions can be ordered here.

Work is also proceeding on these same wagons in 4mm scale, with CADs almost ready for approval.

IPA covered twin in 4mm

The 00 order book is expected to be opening within the next four weeks.