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It’s another Deadline Day!

It’s another Revolution Trains deadline day – with time running out for anyone wanting to order the 320 and 321 units in Strathclyde and Silverlink or to secure the early-bird price, and a place on our Sweet Caroline railtour by ordering the 00 model.

Class 320 and 321 in N

Decorated shell of StrathclydePTE Class 320 DTSO. Please note the chassis, bogies an front air dam are undecorated, and the front panel/windscreen is missing
Decorated shell of Silverlink Class 321 DTSO. Please note the chassis, bogies an front air dam are undecorated, and the front panel/windscreen is missing

We had previously announced a 2-phase deadline for the Class 320 and 321 units.

Today is the final chance to order either Strathclyde PTE Class 320 or Silverlink Class 321. If you would like either of these liveries please order before midnight – we can only go ahead with the models if we receive sufficient orders. Once the deadline has passed we will assess whether there is sufficient interest for these models, before the final, final deadline for all models, including the already confirmed Network SouthEast and London Midland Class 321s and Scotrail Saltire Class 320.

The final deadline for all orders is September 20th 2020 so production can begin with the aim that the models are shipped in Q1 2021.

Caroline in 00

The early-bird price of £135 ends today for 00 models – after which it will go up to the standard pre-order price of £149. In addition, those who order the 4mm model before midnight tonight will be entered into a draw to join us on our free and exclusive “Sweet Caroline” railtour next year – see our website for details.

CAD on the model is almost complete and tooling will begin very shortly.

Caroline 00 CAD – still under development

Caroline in N

In addition, we are offering Caroline in N with similar specification and detailing to the 00 model and in the same three liveries – blue/grey as converted, Network SouthEast and present day green.

TDB 975025 in original livery
TDB 975025 in Network SouthEast livery
975025 ‘Caroline’ in present day Network Rail green livery

For N gauge enthusiasts the early-bird price of £115 is available now and will last until October 31st, however only orders received before September 11th 2020 will be entered into the draw for the “Sweet Caroline” railtour.

The draw for the Sweet Caroline railtour is planned for the weekend of September 12/13 – we are just readying our electronic random name picker!