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IWA underway!

CAD work for the forthcoming IWA van and timber carriers in N is now complete.

The 4mm versions are slightly further ahead, with EP1 samples expected soon, and work has now started on livery diagrams.

IWA Sfins2 van CAD in N
IWA Rfnoos timber carrier CAD in N

The models feature our usual specification of couplers in kinematic NEM sockets with kinematic mounts, lots of separately fitted detail parts and will be weighted for good trackholding.

The timber carriers are being supplied with the large “double-stanchoins” as delivered, however many have had these rearranged and additional narrower stanchions fitted too; these will be supplied separately for the modeller to fit to choice.

The liveries on offer will be as the 00 models: Norsk Hydro, Unbranded and Cargowaggon for the vans and GERS/Touax for the timber carriers.