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KFA first mouldings

Rapido have sent us images of the first mouldings to emerge from the tool for the upcoming KFA container flat.

The deck is a plastic moulding to ensure adequate levels of detail, and at each end the rebates for the kinematic close-coupling mechanism are visible.

To add rigidity, and more importantly weight, the longitudinals are being cast in metal.  These will also help to anchor the close coupling units aswell as some of the brake details.

Just like our well-regarded TEA tanker wagons, these container flats will have numerous separately fitted detail parts including air tanks, pipe runs, brake rigging and handbrake wheels and will also feature prototypical detail differences between the two variants including accurate bogies and buffers.

We expect to receive fully assembled samples very soon, and once these have been test run and approved we will commence production.

Thanks to all who have supported this project so far.  There is still time to order your models, though we expect to close the order book fairly soon assuming all is well with the working samples.

If you do not wish to order now but do not want to miss out we suggest you register without obligation for email news updates.