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KFA refinements

We have been refining the CAD drawings for the KFA container flat wagon that is in development.

The response to this model has been very encouraging and we are confident that the CAD drawings will be signed off before the end of the Early-Bird price period, meaning that no one needs to commit without having a good idea of the look of the final model.

One thing that vexed us was how to arrange the container mountings.  Unfortunately, models by existing manufacturers each have a different system for fixing 40′, 30′ or 20′ containers (which are the right ones for this wagon.)

Farish containers are designed for the now antiquated FFA container flat, with small spigots on the lower bodyside.  These would not be feasible on our model.  Dapol containers have large 1.1mm spigots on each corner.  We produced a CAD showing how these might be incorporated, but feel that the necessarily chunky design would compromise the accuracy of the model too much.

This image shows the first CAD, produced from our research drawings and featuring twistlock points of roughly scale size:


This image shows the same model with mounting points for Dapol containers.   They protrude considerably, and would significantly detract from the model in our view:

N24c KFA Type 1 Dapol 2

These two close-up images of the same area on the wagon show the issue:

N24c 1Twistlock


For this reason we have decided to revert to the original spigot design, for accuracy, on the basis that it would be simple enough to remove the spigots from Dapol containers to ensure they fit, and they can be held in position by tackywax or double sided tape.

We are also actively investigating other potential solutions.

The latest iteration of the CAD also shows the version with rectangular buffers, VNH-1 bogies and body-mounted hand-brake wheels.  The missing TOPS panels and some other small details have also been incorporated into the model now.

N24a KFA Type 2 Dapol

With a few slight tweaks (including reverting to the scale twistlocks) and once we have confirmed the addition of NEM couplers in kinematic body-mounts, we would anticipate these diagrams being ready for approval.