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Last chance for a 321

After a long journey, and a few trials and tribulations along the way, Revolution Trains is about to close the order book on its forthcoming Class 320 and 321 electric multiple unit models in N at midnight on Sunday 20th September 2020.

Class 320 in Scotrail Saltire livery – decorated sample shown. Production modles will have blackened wheels

These highly detailed, accurate models were produced with the assistance of owners Eversholt Rail and feature fully switchable, directional head and tail lights, illuminated front destination panel, switchable saloon lighting in all cars, detailed interiors, low profile mechanism with Next-18 DCC interface and kinematic power couplers to allow a single decoder to control the entire train.

The decorated samples have allowed us to make some final amendments to the livery specification and artwork, and the DCC Sound files are being finalised.

With the Strathclyde PTE class 320 and Silverlink class 321 recently confirmed for production these are the versions that can still be ordered at the low pre-order price:

Class 320 – 320301 Strathclyde PTE orange.

Class 320 – 320315 and 320318 in Scotrail Saltire (with permission of the Scottish Ministers)

Class 321 – 320401 and 320440 in Network SouthEast

Class 321 – 320411 and 320417 in London Midland

Class 321 – 320413 in Silverlink County

Please note the graphic colours are illustrative and the glazing will, of course, be clear.

Because of the many liveries carried by these units during their long lives, and because we had to cancel some options, we are also offering undecorated versions of both the Class 320 and Class 321.

Once the order book closes production can begin, and we are anticipating delivery of the models in early 2021. Some will be available from retailers in due course, however these are likely to be at a higher retail price.