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Latest CAD reveals Cyclops 92…

Rapido have sent a revised version of the CAD design for the Class 92 locomotive.

img_4831 img_4843

The most noticeable alteration is the single part glazing for the cab windscreens, with window frames and centre pillar moulded in as relief that will be painted on the model.

This “Cyclops” design solves two problems:  It minimises any prismatic effect in the large glazed windows, which are a very characteristic part of the prototype’s appearance, and it means the centre pillar can be scale thickness; if moulded it would need to be a little overscale to have structural integrity.


We feel the roof detail in the pantograph well is now largely complete, with just a little modification to the cab roof components.


The bogies are also largely complete, with the third rail collector shoes and brake parts as separate mouldings for added finesse.  This attention to detail is reminiscent of the separate dampers fitted to every bogie of the Pendolino.

We have decided to bogie mount the NEM coupler socket due to clearance issues.  The proximity of the outer axle to the air dam (pilot) means that any body mounted coupler would either have to be mounted further out than the location specified in the MOROP norms, or the outer axle would have to be an ungeared idler.  We felt this was an unnecessary compromise, as for us the most important single aim is a heavy, smooth and powerful chassis that gives the model similar haulage capabilities to the very powerful prototype.

There are a couple of tiny tweaks now to the front and some of the smaller details, and then we feel the CAD should be ready for approval.

If you are visiting us on stand C31 at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition at the NEC this weekend please come and say hello and if it isn’t too busy we can show you the full CAD and you can move it around for yourself and check the model from every angle!