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Limited quantity of Caledonian Sleeper/GBRf Class 92s available to order now

When we decided to produce the Mark 5 sleepers we were conscious that some customers may have missed out on our Class 92s in Caledonian Sleeper and GBRf liveries (both of which are used on the sleepers), so we decided to keep stock of a small quantity for release when the Mk5 sleepers arrived.

We have got very limited stocks of the following:

  • 92018 in Caledonian Sleeper teal (DC/DCC ready and DCC Sound versions)
  • 92023 in Caledonian Sleeper teal (DC/DCC ready only)
  • 92032 in GBRf Europorte livery (DC/DCC ready and DCC Sound versions)
  • 92043 in GBRf revised livery (DC/DCC ready only)

In particular the GBRf and DCC sound versions have extremely limited quantities.

The stock is available to order now from our online shop but please don’t mix with other items.