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Making Tracks 3 features Revolution Trains IPA carriers!

Whilst we’ve been busy sending out SR inspection saloons (975025/Caroline) and FNA-D nuclear flask carriers, we’ve also been delighted to support the fabulous Making Tracks 3 on show at Chester Cathedral – our IPA car carriers look the part depicting the Dagenham-Garston car train that passes through Milton Keynes regularly.

Chris Clenton, the project manager behind the Making Tracks layout, sent us this video and some great photos:

The train running on Making Tracks 3 comprises pairs of 00 gauge flat twins, flat twins with stakes and covered and sheeted quad wagons, all in STVA’s red livery. The models are also available in N gauge.

Making Tracks 3 incorporates remarkable levels of detail to enjoy even when trains aren’t passing, and has been designed to be fully interactive; young visitors can drive trains through the scenic section controlling trains via tablets; stopping them at the station or speeding through.

Chris estimates that so far more than 40,000 visitors have seen the layout, and ticket sales have raised many thousands for Chester Cathedral.

We’ve got a relatively small number of OO/4mm IPA carriers from the Shop section of our website (please don’t mix orders for stock items with pre-orders for future models!):

(If the version you want isn’t available from us some of our retailers might still have some stock).

IPAs in 00

Once the stock is sold out that is going to be it for the IPA car carriers for a while until we do a second run but don’t worry car carrier fans we’ve got plenty in the works announced (see our Cartic-4s available to pre-order in the Shop section) and unannounced!