Mk5/5A coaches – Caledonian Sleeper and Trans Pennine Express

Revolution Trains is offering the new CAF Mk 5 coaches in N gauge in both Caledonian Sleeper and TPE variants.

To maximise efficiency and keep costs down, we are working with highly regarded Dublin-based suppliers Accurascale to produce complete ranges of all the various vehicles, enabling complete, accurate trains to be modelled.

CAD for the TPE Mk5s has now been completed, and attention is turning to the Caledonian Sleeper versions.

Both types of Mk 5 are being manufactured by CAF of Spain, and they are the first loco-hauled vehicles built for Britain’s rail network since the Mk 4 Inter-City 225s which entered service three decades ago.

Those for Caledonian Sleeper comprise Sleeper, Accessible Sleeper, Club Car and Lounge Car while TPE will operate theirs in fixed sets of five with a driving trailer, three intermediate standard cars and a first class/guard’s vehicle.

Although the Mk 5 and Mk 5a vehicles share many design features and common components, there are also significant differences – primarily the Caledonian Sleeper vehicles are slightly wider to offer more room in the side corridor.  Revolution have completed research trips to both the Caledonian Sleeper/Serco depot at Polmadie, and the TPE/Beacon facilities at Longsight, to ensure accuracy.

Design is now well underway, and the models can be ordered here.  They will be supplied in attractive book cases, similar to our award-winning Pendolino models, and not only offer enthusiasts attractive trains for their layouts but also stylish collectors’ items to celebrate this new incarnation of one of the world’s most iconic trains.

The models will comprise directional and interior lighting and feature NEM couplers in kinematic sockets, detailed and painted interiors and accurately modelled detail differences in the roofs, underframes and bodyshells.

Revolution would like to thank Beacon, Caledonian Sleeper and CAF for their assistance.  The Caledonian Sleeper models are being produced with kind permission of the Scottish Ministers.

Caledonian Sleeper operate two trains each night from London to destinations in Scotland – the Lowlander, with 8 coaches each for Edinburgh and Glasgow, and the Highlander with six coaches for Aberdeen, eight for Inverness and four for Fort William. Book sets are being offered for various different sections, to allow accurate formations to be produced.

Download and print this PDF as your handy reference guide: CS formations

Similarly, once introduced TPE plan to operate their Mk 5a vehicles in fixed formations of 5 between Liverpool, Manchester Airport, Scarborough and Middlesbrough. Again, these will be packaged as complete rakes in book sets.

Development of the models is underway, and CAD designs are expected soon.

As ever, models are being produced through crowdfunding, and the sooner customers place orders, the sooner the project will progress.