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Mmmm – IPA refreshes from Revolution…

Revolution Trains has received prototype samples of its forthcoming IPA car carriers in 00 gauge/4mm scale. Four types are being offered: twin sets in flat, flat with stakes and covered versions and covered quad sets.

66031 with mixed rake of quad sets and flats with and without stakes at Llandevenny in 2016. Photo courtesy Alan Williams.

Built as long ago as the 1950s for use in France, the wagons were converted for UK use in the 1990s and have been in service here ever since. Initially formed as flat twin sets, some were given side stakes in an effort to combat damage from stones, and later still the wagons were given side screens and roofs, and remarshalled into sets of four. Revolution is offering all types, in all liveries.

IPA flat twin set
IPA flat twin set with side stakes
IPA covered twin set. The covered sets are also being marketed in quad sets.