Model suggestions and guidelines

Got an idea? What we look for in new model suggestions…

We often get asked if we will produce a model of X, Y or Z so we thought it might be helpful to set out what we consider when deciding on new models. This isn’t a set of hard and fast rules, but a set of guidelines.

The main criteria for new model suggestions are:

  1. Stands a realistic chance of being economically viable – the largely means the ability to sell a minimum of 1000 for powered models and 2000+ for a non-powered model.
  2. Sufficient information exists eg drawings available or prototype still existent for research, measurement and/or scanning.
  3. Potentially complements existing models (from us or other manufacturers).
  4. Preferably a widespread area of operation and/or a lengthy lifespan!

So if you have an idea please drop us a message using the form below – the more detail you can give the better! At least tell us which scale you are talking about, but seriously a bit of detail is far more likely to convince us!