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More TEA vicar?

Revolution Trains is offering another run of its highly acclaimed TEA tanker wagons, which were Britain’s first ever successfully crowdfunded RTR model and voted N Gauge Rolling Stock Model of the Year 2016 when they were launched.


We are not only offering the existing versions, albeit with new running numbers, but also the possibility of some other variants including the latest versions introduced for aviation fuel to Heathrow airport.

New build VTG TEAs dedicated to Jet-A1 aviation fuel from Grain to Heathrow (Colnbrook.)


Former Freightliner TEA rebranded VTG and with old markings patch-painted. Seven wagons now carry this modification.


TEAs in attractive grey/white livery of Petrochem Carless.

These models will be available to order soon; as ever only those reaching minimum order numbers will be produced.

Once again these models will be produced by Rapido Trains, whose reputation for quality is now well established.