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Our 62-piece TEA set…

The TEA tankers have been assessed and a few small areas are being tweaked to be a neater fit, slightly less flash-prone or refined in other ways.

While we wait for the final approval samples to be sent, we thought supporters may like to see just how much goes into a single wagon.

Not including wheelsets, there are 63 parts in our Freightliner TEA.  Each bogie has a pair of brake calipers and either two handbrakewheels (ladder end) or a ride sensor; the underframe has plastic discharge nozzles, actuators, air tanks and brackets and wire pipe runs, while each end has an outer frame, close coupler mechanism, separate buffers and cosmetic coupler hook, along with two Rapido couplers as standard.


The barrel itself comprises a central cylinder with two parabolic ends, ladders, four barrel cradles and three manlids which are combined differently to suit the correct production batch.

And the roof etches themselves are not a single component but actually seven different parts – the centre section, six narrow outer sections and the small end platform.