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Pendo and Eco cut-off approaching…

It’s another Revolution Trains double deadline – at midnight on June 30th 2021 we will be closing the order book for the N gauge Pendolino second run, and the 00 FWA ‘Ecofret ‘ container flats in twin and triple sets.

Once the order book closes these models will not be available to buy from us before production is completed.

Pendolino in N – new liveries

Revolution/Rapido Class 390 Pendolino in original Virgin livery

For the second run of our N Gauge Model of the Decade, we are offering the original Virgin liveries along with the new-look Avanti and revised Virgin Flowing Silk liveries, along with the plain DfT livery still present on some sets.

390154 at Rugely Trent Valley. Photo courtesy curly42.

The models will be to the same specification as the original model, with the only change being the installation of a Next-18 decoder socket for those wishing to convert to DCC.

All models will feature power cars at each end, power transfer couplers offering electrical pick-up throughout the train for super-smooth performance, working table lamps in first class trailers as standard and factory fitted speakers to make upgrading to DCC Sound a snap.

The pre-order price is £350 for a complete 9-car train (£360 for Virgin Pride including charity donation), and £380 for a complete 11-car train. All models in this run are DC Silent. For those who prefer not to pre-order models will be available from selected retailers after the order book closes with higher MSRP.

FWA ‘Ecofret’ container flat twin and triple sets in 00

FWA wagons left to right green twin set (Freightliner) red triple (DB) and blue triple (GBRf)

Freight wagon lessor VTG designed the Ecofrets, which have shorter 40′ decks than earlier container flats, in recognition of the domination of world sea shipping traffic by the 40′ box. Trains of older 60′ flats can have gaps if there are not enough 20′ containers, leading to inefficiency.

FWA deck 4520 086-7 at Freightliner’s Coatbridge terminal in June 2021. Photo courtesy Tom Smith.

The Revolution models are designed to accommodate 40′ containers from C-Rail. Like the prototype, the triple sets have hinged centre spigots meaning that they can carry both 40′ and 20′ containers.

DB red and VTG green FWA wagons loaded with C-Rail containers
Triple set centre car showing hinged container fixing spigots at centre, like the prototype

Twin sets measure 380mm over coupler faces; while the triples are 555mm over coupler faces. The models are available to pre-order until midnight on June 30th 2021 for the pre-order price of £100 (twins) and £135 (triples). For those who prefer not to pre-order we anticipate models will be available from selected retailers after the order book closes with higher MSRP.

The next Revolution deadline day is July 31st, when the order book closes for the N gauge PFA Container flats and 00 gauge IPA car carriers.