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Pendolino approved for tooling

The Class 390 Pendolino CADs for the intermediate cars have now been approved for tooling.

The cab cars have also been improved on condition of one very minor correction.

This is the arrangement for light clusters on the driving car:

691XX DMRF lights

This image shows working the table lamps in first class vehicles:

PTF 695xx 01

At the International N Gauge Show at Leamington Spa this weekend we displayed stereolithographs produced for us by the Jewellery Department at Birmingham City University.  These enabled us – and the many visitors to the show who admired them – to visually check that the models looked “right” in terms of detail and presence, and that they are the correct scale dimensions.


Once Rapido have sent us sampled produced from the toolings we will be sure to post images.

The production cycle will now see us approve mouldings, test and debug a working train and check livery samples.

Once that is done Rapido will ask us to specify the number of models we wish to produce.  At this point we will close the order book and that will be the number produced.

There will be no additional models available post production, so please make sure you keep an eye on this site to ensure you don’t miss the deadline!