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Pendolino CAD moving to approval phase

We are now close to approving the various CAD drawings for the Pendolino. All the interior cars are pretty much there – we are just waiting for the all-important driving cabs before we can move to tooling.

This is an overview of Coach U – vehicles in the 653XX number range.  These vehicles have pantograph wells but no pantographs and with coach F form the pair of additional cars in 11-car sets, and are part of the add-on sets for those wishing to depict delivery trains.

TS 653xx 290715

The component on the far right is just the coupler mech from the adjoining vehicle that the CAD designer has added to “virtually” check clearances etc.

The Pantographs have been improved and are now accurate depictions of the unique Brecknell Willis pantographs fitted to Pendolino trains.  These differ slightly from the standard high speed pantograph because they are designed to operate on tilting trains.

PTF 695xx 290715

There is some work still to do on the main coach interiors, however the cab interior is looking ready:

Pendolino Cab interior
Pendolino Cab interior