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Pendolino deliveries and the latest news from Rapido

Standard and Alstom Pendolinos pass on Wyre Forest MRC’s “Kinlet Wharf” at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition. Photo courtesy Rapido Trains.

The first update of 2018 sees the arrival of the latest Rapido Trains newsletter.  It has plenty of updates on projects we are working on together – if you scroll past the CAD images of the 00 bus model…!

Rapido Newsletter

Headline news is that the Class 390 Pendolino models will be leaving the factory on January 17th, meaning they should be here by the end of February.  This is a little later than hoped but it’s good to have a firm schedule.

At this time we cannot be sure that customers will be able to collect their Pendolinos at Model Rail Scotland – but here’s hoping!

The newsletter also contains information about the other projects we have in development with our friends in Canada including the 00 TEA tankers, N KFA and N Class 92 electric.